About Me

Hey I’m lucy!

I started my working life with animals which I was super passionate about.

I had a job I enjoyed and a disposable income with no major responsibilities. I had a huge love of fashion but I never had to think about what I was wearing as with my job came my uniform. I wore the same outfit everyday of my life and it was easy! I could put on my uniform and be same person day in, day out but I felt no one ever knew the REAL me, my style or my personality.

I had my son and everything seemed to change. I became more time poor, I had less disposable income and I was still in my uniform except this time my mum uniform of the same thing everyday.  It was uncomplicated and simple and still didn’t reflect me.

As my son was growing older my feelings were starting to change towards my job and my lifestyle. Everyday I was taking him to nursery handing him over for someone else to look after him and it broke my heart.  I started to realise the guilt of leaving my son was unbearable.  I knew I had to find a way to make things work for myself and spend more time with my son. I knew I wanted freedom, I knew that I didn’t want a boss anymore so started looking for business opportunities.

But there was my next challenge, faced with finding a new business venture. Trying to find an outfit to wear for my first networking meeting was as stressful as starting a new business itself.  I wanted to find my signature style and find myself again as a part of me had been buried away after having my son and wearing a uniform for a large part of my working life. 

I did a personal styling course to learn how to best dress for the success I wanted and this lit me up! I found my signature style and felt like a new woman. 

I realised if I had made this impact on my own life then I could do the same for other women and then and there my Personal Styling business was created.

I can't wait to help you re-discover yourself and dress for the success you deserve.